Intellectual Output 1


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In order to gain a comprehensive overview of future competence requirements of managers in PSM, PERSIST starts with an analysis of the scientific literature, accompanied by other more practice-oriented sources, such as job advertisements. The focus of this analysis is on the competences (a construct of knowledge, skills and traits) that are needed in the field of purchasing and supply management, in combination with high involvement of the implications of Industry 4.0.

Comparison of Top 10 current PSM competencies, Future PSM competencies and Industry oriented 4.0 PSM competencies

At the same time, PERSIST maps developments in the use of gamification and serious games in higher education and especially in business administration and purchasing and supply management. Literature reviews on existing initiatives in education (academic and industry), which offer PSM courses dealing with the digital transformation (learning programs, modules, courses) are conducted.

The research highlights that, although there are a number of examples of supply chain gamified learning (e.g. dealing with stock management, pricing and supply and demand), there is little that looks at specific PSM activities. In addition, much of the existing gamified learning uses simulations (either physical or technologically supported) that relies on quantitative decision making and therefore more qualitative factors could be introduced in a gamified context. There is therefore an opportunity to develop PSM focused gamified learning that is underpinned by relevant gamification principles and techniques (as per Table 24) and is deployed using pertinent gamification processes/stages (as per Table 26). This will ensure that this learning is robust and offers students a different learning environment, which will be more relevant to developing the key skills, competencies and knowledge required for working in and adapting to an Industry 4.0 environment.