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Presenting IO1 results during the IDIMT 2020

On the 3rd of September 2020, the PERSIST group joined the Interdisciplinary Information Management Talks 2020 (IDIMT) to present the outcome of the first intellectual output (IO1). The presentation addressed the skills needed within purchasing in an Industry 4.0 environment based on a systematic literature review.

Within their article titled “SMART SUPPLY CHAIN: ARE THE PROCURERS READY FOR INDUSTRY 4.0” the project team presented their research output from IO1. Industry 4.0 brings changes to the supply chain environment and companies that want to benefit from these changes must be prepared to implement them. However, successful implementation requires skilled and trained personnel who will embrace these changes and know what to do. This paper identifies the skills and competencies required in Purchasing and Supply Management (PSM), which are often mentioned together with Industry 4.0. The purpose of the research is to determine how Industry 4.0 changes PSM requirements and which types of skills will be needed in the future. Based on a systematic literature review of Industry 4.0 oriented articles, that specifically mention PSM skills, we provide a current view on the importance of particular skill categories in the era of machine-to-machine communication.

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