"Mind the gap" it is a phrase you hear very often in subways, airports and many other contexts. But there are also gaps in another sense of the word. As academics we are always trying to close gaps in our knowledge. But there are also different gaps, for example between cultures, gaps in finding a job after your PhD, health gaps, gaps between genders and much more. These gaps may affect you in some way. What can you do about it and how can we work together to close them?

This year, the P-NUT day is loosely themed around this subject. All content will revolve around exploring and closing gaps in different settings. During our keynotes and a multitude of interactive sessions, you will get to learn about gaps and how to deal with them in your academic career. All the while you will interact with fellow PhD candidates to extend your network. This year, we also allow post-docs and students who are interested in academia to join this event. This way, we hope to close the gap between these groups as well! Come join us for a day full of interesting keynotes and presentations, networking and investigating how we can close the gaps in academia.

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Are you interesting in closing the organizational gap? You can help organizing the P-NUT day. Let us know via our webform!