Date and Venue

P-NUT PhD & EngD - 24th of February 2023

Location: Design Lab, at the University of Twente

Room: Ideate and Conceptualize (See Image)

This year, the Design lab is the venue for the P-NUT day. In particular, the Ideate & Conceptualise. To get there from the O&O square you have to walk into the main entrance of the Gallery. Then take the far left hallway up to the end. You will end up at our venue. You can also follow the signs on the day of the event or ask the service desk right at the entrance of the Gallery.

Program Overview







Reception & Registration

You receive a nametag and goodiebag after which you can enjoy a drink



Welcome & Opening

Introduction to the event by our great host and hype train driver: Anton Atanasov



P-NUT board update

Akhil Pallamreddy and Peter Slijkhuis mention 



Keynote 1

The first keynote is Sjoukje Philips who will talk about the World Weather Attribution initiative and her insights on how to communicate science with non-scientists. (More info below!)




Get ready for some physical exercise in a short game about opinions and experiences!




Enjoy a drink on P-NUT while chatting with your fellow PhD candidates



Workshop Session 1

Broaden your skillset in one of our informative and fun workshops (options below)



Workshop Session 2







The Chain Company and The Expat Center pitch their work in connecting and informing Expats. Cancelled, Update will folow!



Keynote 2

The second keynote is Juliane Schillinger who will talk about Water & Conflict Management and the uncertainties of doing research. (More info below!)



Closing & Drinks

We finish the day by discussing the talks and workshops of the day while enjoying some drinks and snacks on P-NUT!



Dinner at Twentsche Foodhall

After the clsong there is an opportunity for people to sign up for the dinner afterwards. Only limited places. First 30 people to sign up get to join (you officially sign up at the reception).

The time slots provided are a reference. We give no guarantees regarding punctuality!


  • Sjoukje Philip

    Extreme weather is becoming more and more relevant, and more often the question is posed wether and to what extent extreme weather is influenced by climate change. In the past few years a lot of research has been done into the relation between extreme weather and climate change. The World Weather Attribution initiative is a collaboration between climate scientists and climate impact specialists that answers this question within days to weeks after the extreme event. But how do we make research results accessible to a wider audience rather than just to scientists? And why is it important to report results via the media so quickly after an analysis? Sjoukje Philip will present the field of extreme weather attribution and introduce some methods to analyse the relation between extreme weather and climate change. Moreover, she will provide insights in the necessity and procedures to communicate scientific results!

  • Juliane Schillinger

    Juliane Schillinger is a PhD Candidate at the University of Twente, Faculty for Behavioural, Management and Social sciences, and a Junior Researcher with the Red Cross Climate Centre. Her research focuses on water management and climate adaptation in armed conflict, with a geographic focus on the Middle East. In January 2023, Juliane was appointed to the Board of Directors of the Environmental Peacebuilding Association. 

    What happens when different crises overlap and reinforce each other? And how can we improve the ways in which we react to such crises, and make sure to build resilience for the future? These are questions that interest her. But unforeseen disruptions in these highly unstable areas. Juliane Schillinger will share how she deals with these situations!

Parallel Sessions

Workshop Session I

  • Sustainables

    Reusable Lab Material

  • Thesis Printing

    Ipskamp is hosting a workshop on designing and printing covers for doctoral theses. The winner can win a Thesis cover worth €350!

  • Personal Branding: CV & LinkedIN

    The Chain Company will help you with everything around creating a great professional CV and LinkedIn profile!

  • RDM Bingo

    Get updated on the latest developments in Research Data Management while winning great prizes in a Bingo!

Workshop session II

  • Responsible Futuring

    Julieta Matos Castano will give a short pitch on responsible futuring followed by an interactive workshop

  • Dutch Workspace Culture (Canceled & looking for replacement!)

    Unfortuntately this workshop will not take place, because the facilitator had an unfortunate family situation. We are looking for a replacement!

  • Applying for a Visa

    The Expat Center will teach you all the ins and outs on how to apply for a Visa after your PhD/EngD. 

  • Managing Stress

    TGS is happy to help you out with all your stress related problems. Learn how to deal with stress with your colleagues.


P-NUT passes the borders of faculties, departments and even universities by bringing doctoral candidates with different backgrounds together to share their experiences and help each other to grow and become more efficient in their work. Our main objectives are to bring people who share similar interests together in both a professional and informal way, to inform them on the important aspects that might affect or benefit their careers as scientists and share and defend the rights of the PhDs at the UT. These objectives define the three main goals of P-NUT: connect, inform and represent the doctoral candidates of the University of Twente. 

The P-NUT board organizes this event with Mario Boot being the main coordinator


  • Twente Graduate School (TGS)

    A historic supporter and sponsor of the PhD Day: Twente Graduate School (TGS). TGS coordinates all doctoral programmes at the University of Twente. 

  • The Chain Company (strategic partner)

    This year the PhD Day will be partly organized in collaboration with our strategic partner The Chain Company. 

  • Expat Center East Netherlands (sponsor)

  • Ipskamp Printing (sponsor)

    A platinum sponsor for the PhD Day 2019: Ipskamp printing. The specialist in printing and binding of books, brochures, and manuals. 

  • is a sponsor of the P-NUT day 2023!

  • Gildeprint

    Gildeprint specializes in the designing and printing of theses.