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P-Nut EQUITY Sports Day May 21st

Sports are hailed as the ultimate boost to well-being and as social facilitator. But what if you cannot 'just' join the local sports team? We invite you to step into the shoes of athletes in a different setting. Experience a vogue workshop, both to learn more about the ballroom scene created by trans and queer people of color last century, and to physically emerge yourself in the iconic movements. Or try out a paralympic sport, for example by playing basketball in a wheelchair.

Come explore this sports day organized by EQUITY in which we dive into social security in sports spaces: can everyone safely access and navigate those spaces? And what spaces exist off the mainstream radar?

During the day, we organize workshops for everyone to try a sport in a way they have never done before, and to reflect on the context it emerged from.

The afternoon sessions leave room for questions and discussion, with a common dinner after which our rich panel will share their experiences in an interactive discussion with the audience.

So sign up now, May 21st will be a day of exploration and reflection.

In a nutshell:

What: Sportsday

When: May 21st 2024

For whom: Everyone

Sign up now!: https://ut.onl/sportsday

Hype? Hype!

See you there, 

EQUITY, working group of P-NUT

* This project is supported by the UT Incentive Fund

** Questions or suggestions? Let us know via p-nut@utwente.nl

P-Nut EQUITY Sports Day May 21st