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UT magazine for alumni and partners

University of Twente. is the magazine for alumni and partners of the University of Twente. The magazine contains articles and interviews on the range of research and educational opportunities offered at the university. It also features alumni profiles and articles on spin-off companies. All fall under the banner of 'high tech with a human touch'.

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Hard copy version

The hard copy version is only available in Dutch. Please refer to our Dutch website for more information as well as subscription for the hard copy magazines in Dutch language.


The following edtions have been published in English and are available for download (pdf file): 

2019: edition 1
2018: edition 1 - edition 2
2017: edition 1 - edition 2
2016: edition 1 - edition 2
2015: edition 1 - edition 2 
2014: edition 1 - edition 2
2013: edition 2
2011: edition 2
2008: edition 1 - edition 2

The full archive is available in Dutch.