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Welcome to the the website of the alumni network of the university of twente!

This is your gateway to the UT-alumni network. Join the alumni association of your study, check if there are any interesting events, search and contact other alumni who might be able to help you, make use of your own alumni-email address, follow our social media channels for the latest news and activities and much much more...

UT alumni, students and staff represent a powerful network. Make use of it! 

"Our alumni are important ambassadors for the UT both at home and abroad. Furthermore, close contact with alumni helps contributes to our understanding of developments in society which is essential for maintaining the relevance of our teaching and research. As your alma mater, we continue to providing alumni with lasting and significant value and encourage contact as well as the exchange of knowledge - whether by informing you about the latest developments in your field or offering lifelong learning options."

-  Victor van der Chijs, Chairman College van Bestuur

You have Twente in you DNA 

Your studies has laid the foundation for your present career and your campus experiences have no doubt left many beautiful memories as well as gained you lifetime friends. You have Twente in your DNA. Keep in touch!

- Joe Laufer, Relationship Manager Alumni

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what does the ut offer me? 

The UT offers you various benefits. This website provides an overview of both these benefits and services for accessing the alumni network.

The alumni network is not only interesting for catching up with old classmates but is also useful for passing along information related to job openings or research/education collaboration opportunities, as well as making new contacts and sharing relevant experiences and opinions. You can do this via alumni associations linked to your study, a local alumni chapter in your area, or by contacting the UT Alumni Office.

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what can i do for the UT?

The alumnus network serves as an important connection between the UT and the world beyond its campus boundaries – together you and your fellow alumni represent both a unique expertise pool as well as links to thousands of other organizations many of which are prospective partners for the University in areas such as education, research, and valorization. You can also help ensure that UT education programmes remain innovative and cutting edge by volunteering your time as a guest speaker in a class, providing internship assignments at your workplace and helping recruit top students from around the world. 

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make it possible

Most UT alumni would agree that the unique UT campus environment combining a beautiful scenery together with an abundance of cultural, sports, social, and study activities ensures a truly memorable unique student experience. The contributions of individual donors to the University Fund makes it possible for future generations of students to enjoy a similar transformative experience.

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