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meet alumni lvining in your area

Both in the Netherlands and abroad alumni volunteers have set up alumni chapters. These chapters gather regularly for informal meetings including lectures, company visits, and dinner or drinks. All regional events are announced via the calendar on our website and via e-invitations for all alumni living in the specific area. To keep receiving invitations for events close to your home, make sure your contact details are up to date! 

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Alumni chapters in the Netherlands

There are several active alumni chapters in the Netherlands. Below you find an overview of these chapters. 

  • Alumni chapter Arnhem-Nijmegen

    Volunteers: Carel Daams & Gerrit Woerts

  • Alumni chapter Eindhoven

    Volunteer: Marc Buitenhuis

  • Alumni chapter Twente

    Volunteers: Marcella Claase, Ian Kennedy, Bart Sachse & Pieter Tiemessen

  • Alumni chapter Friesland

    Volunteers: Age de Boer, Gerlof Born & Bauke Jousma

  • Alumni chapter Utrecht

    Volunteers: Marcel van den Elst, Freddy Holwerda, Martijn van der Veen & Sietse Visser 

  • Alumni chapter South-west Netherlands

Is there no active alumni chapter in your area? Found one yourself or join a chapter close by. Please contact Magali to discuss the possibilities. 

M. Coello Casian (Magali)
Alumni Officer

Dutch Engineers Alumni Network

The Dutch Engineers Alumni Network (DEAN) for TU Delft, Twente, TE/e and Wageningen alumni launched its activities in 2014. All over the world, Dutch engineers connect to other engineers in order to share experience and knowledge and build their network by making new connections. Besides, all DEAN members are part of a broader alumni network of nearly 200.000 alumni combined from the Dutch technical universities.

Alumni chapters that are part of DEAN are active in the following countries/cities: 

  • Australia (Melbourne)
  • Germany (Hamburg)
  • France (Parijs)
  • Ireland (Dublin)

    Volunteer: Benjamin Ziepert

  • Japan (Tokyo)

    Volunteers: Jorg Entzinger, Elisa Mendoza & Kodo Yokozawa

  • North America (Boston, Canada, Houston, New York, San Francisco & Seattle)

    Volunteers: Björn Harink & Josine Verhagen (San Fransisco) & Boudewijn Rombouts (Seattle)

  • Scandinavia (Copenhagen, Helsinki, Oslo, Stavanger, Stockholm & Trondheim)

    Volunteers: Rob Wind (Copenhagen) & Rimmert van der Kooij (Trondheim)

  • Spain (Barcelona & Madrid)

    Volunteers: Renske Beenker & Akke Hak (Barcelona)

  • Switzerland (Geneva & Zürich)

Interested in more information about DEAN or do you have an idea how to develop the chapter in your area? Please contact Joe. 

J. Laufer (Joe)
Senior Advisor - Alumni Relations

Holland Alumni Network

The Holland Alumni Network unites alumni from all Dutch institutions of higher education in approximaelty 60 countries, and each country has at least one Netherlands Alumni Association (NAA). The Holland Alumni Network has details of all active international NAAs and information about how to join.