Find alumni

Are you organsing a reunion and looking for former classmates, or are you a student and looking for guest speakers for your event? There are several ways to get in touch with (fellow) alumni: through the alumni portal, social media or with the help of the alumni office. 

Through the alumni portal

The alumni portal is accessible for all alumni and offers several options for reconnecting with former classmates, friends and acquantances:

  • Search window

    On the main page of the alumni portal you can use the 'network' menu item for queries related to study programmes and clubs. Furthermore, you can add queries related to name, geographical location or employer. 

  • Alumni network

    Another way of searching for alumni is browsing through your 'alumni network'. You yourself will be the starting point of the query and network.

Through social media

Social media is a great way to keep in touch with alumni. On this page you can find an overview of all UT related social media channels. Please let us know if your group is missing from this list. 

Through the alumni office

Are you an alumnus, student or staff member who wants to get in touch with (fellow) alumni to, for example, invite them for certain activities? Are you interested in involving selective alumni in your study programme accreditation process? Would an alumni perspective benefit your teaching assignment or research project? Perhaps you are embarking overseas and wishing to be put in touch with local alumni? In all of these cases, the alumni office can do something for you! We can, for example, assist in sending out (e-)invitations or placing a message in our monthly newsletter. Please contact Karen to discuss the possibilities. 

K. Wannyn (Karen)
Communications Officer Alumni & Development Office and Twente University Fund