Science Meets Art Meets Sustainability

13:30-14:00 – Inspiration talks on Sustainability entrepreneurship by Elma Hogeboom

14:00 – 16:00 – Art workshop

We will be creating sustainable Art from materials around us. All materials will be provided. So, join us with your enthusiasm.

Description: Intersted in Sustainability entrepreneurship?

Know how Elma Hogeboom created a successfully sustainable business.

Elma Hogeboom is a natural scientist-turned-artist with a passion for sustainability. As a designer she soon learned that many inks and paints used by artists are not so pretty in terms of their environmental performance. In fact, many art materials contain heavy metals and other toxic substances you’d rather not put on your hands or wall. 

Leveraging her science background, Elma researched eco-friendly art alternatives. The result was a green art materials database out of which she could draw to create her works of art that are both beautiful and sustainable.  

When some years ago she designed the sustainable cover for her husband’s PhD thesis, it needed to be digitized and printed many times. Clearly, it felt only natural to have the dissertation and cover sustainably printed. But yet again she was in for a not-so-green surprise: eco-friendly printing is not common practice. 

Hence she dove into her books once more and decided to found ( With GreenThesis, she offers PhD candidates with a green heart the option to both design and print their thesis in an eco-friendly manner. From plastic-free packaging to printing on agricultural waste, and from vegan inks to bike delivery, Elma can help you find a sustainable solution. (in Dutch: - my webshop 

Science Meets Art Meets Sustainability