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Sustainabiilty Week Enschede

Sustainability Week Enschede 2019 was organised from 4 to 11 October 2019. In this week the UT organised all kinds of events to inspire you for a sustainable future in cooperation with the Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week, A.S.V. Taste, ARISE and others.

What activities were organised during this week?

All kinds of activities were organised, from a symposium to a festival. We started the week with an opening event, hosted by the Dutch Sustainable Fashion week. Especially focussed on the UT and its partners there was also a sustainability market on the 8th of October. In total we planned 11 big and small events, check out our complete programme for more information. The events focused on all kinds of sustainability aspects such as food, innovation, health and nature. The activities took place on the UT campus and in the city centre of Enschede. All events were open for everyone.

Sustainability week 2019 programme flyer
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Get inspired and find out how you can design your daily life to be more sustainable. Explore, discuss and contribute to a more sustainable world. Watch the video below for an impression of the sustainability week.

Sustain our World, Design your Future.

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