Bruker D8 Discover X-ray Diffractometer

The Bruker D8 Discover X-ray diffractometer (XRD) is equipped with a rotating anode microfocus X-ray source (TXS) combined with a focusing mirror (Montel). With special collimators, the X-ray spot on the sample can be reduced to nominal diameters of 20-30 micrometres. This allows users to do local diffraction experiments with sufficient intensity and resolution, enabling analysis of single devices. The machine is equipped with a precise, motorized x-y translation stage with a laser and an optical microscope for sample alignment. The two-dimensional area detector (Eiger2 500K) allows for fast measurements with high angular resolution and a large dynamic range. Additionally, a two-bounce channel-cut germanium monochromator can be used to reduce the divergence of the incident beam.

The same mirror and detector can be used in combination with additional vacuum-enclosures to measure the Small-Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS) of nanoparticle suspensions and powder diffraction in transmission geometry. Furthermore, the system can be used to measure X-ray reflectivity (XRR) and grazing incidence diffraction of multilayer systems. 

Currently, the setup is being upgraded for operando measurements. From March 2019 on, users can perform cutting edge laboratory X-ray science while applying electric fields in-situ to microdevices such as piezo- and ferroelectrics, thin-film transistors, supercapacitors, and micro batteries.  

If you are interested in performing such experiments and getting training on the equipment, please contact Harry Bakker or Yorick Birkhölzer (phone: +31534891676)