Main Characteristics:

  • Accelaration voltage, 20V - 30kV
  • Point resolution (SEM), 0.9nm@30kV in STEM mode, 1.2 nm in normal SEM mode
  • Spatial resolution EDX, down to nm. range, applicable for elements above boron in the Periodic System

General SEM imaging

  • High Efficiency Secondary Electron Detector (HE-SE2) for standard low energy electron topographical mapping
  • Inlens detector for higher energy secondary electrons for clear topographic mapping
  • Annular Selective Backscatter detector (ASB) for compositional and crystal orientation mapping
  • Energy Selective Backscatter detector (ESB) for compositional contrast mapping
  • Scanning TEM (STEM) possibility with best SEM resolution
  • Electron Beam Induced Current (EBIC) for conductivity mappings
  • Energy Dispersive X-ray with shutter(EDX) for elemental mappings
  • Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD)  for mappings of crystal orientations.

  • Charge compensator with N2 gas / sample cleaning with O2 gas
  • Built in plasma cleaner
  • Heating stage, up to 800 °C
  • EDX and EBSD are shielded for high temperatures
  • Sample holders for many different types of SEM samples, 4” wafers, single stub, multiple stubs, 45° , 70°, 90° cross section holders, flat clamps, tilted clamps, double sided carbon tape, aluminum tape, copper tape, MFM tip holder, EBSD and transmissive EBSD holders.


You can find the SEM in NanoLab NL1.042

High Resolution Images