The Nova 600 Nanolab Dualbeam SEM/FIB enables reseachers and developers to create, modify and characterize complex structures below 100 nanometers. It combines ultra-high resolution field emission scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and precise focused ion beam (FIB) etch and deposition to complement existing technology in Mesa+ NanoLab and extends many applications with nanoscale prototyping, machining and 2D and 3D-characterization.

Structures such as photonic crystal prototyping; laser on a chip prototyping; nano-stamping and modification of MEMS devices like AFM tips have been created with the Nova 600 Nanolab. Analysis of these and other structures is enabled via several FIB-methods like cross-sectioning and TEM preparation. Combined with its SEM's ultra high resolution in-lens backscattered electron imaging Z-contrast characterization, ion induced secondary electron imaging for grain contrast and STEM for nm-sized characterization makes the NOVA 600 one of the most versatile instruments in the MESA+NanoLab

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