Planning / Checklist



After 60 EC /
about a year before graduation

Start thinking about area / subject for your Final project (exploration)

After 75 EC in courses

Start Research Topics (see Phase 1, 2: exploration / formalization)

To start, fill out the Standard registration in Mobility Online. After the registration log back in again to continue with the procedure, and print and upload the signed from to make the registration formal. (if the form asks for 2 supervisors, fill in the name of your supervisor twice)

Carry out Research Topics (Phase 1, 2)



While finishing Research Topics

Start Final Project (formalization, preparation)
(optional: If you are still looking for an in-company project at this point and your supervisor can't help you with contacts, you can check out Jobteaser or contact our mobility office / internship office EEMCS)

Complete Research Topics in Mobility Online

If the contents of your assignment and thesis need to stay confidential, you have to submit a written request for confidentiality to the Programme director. Keep in mind that confidenty is always limited to a set period (see also the TER).  

To start the final project

Register with Extended Registration form in Mobility Online and after login back in and completing the procedure, upload the form, signed by the EEMCS and BMS member of your graduation committee to make your registration formal.

Mobility Online (manual)

You can read the Mobility Online Manual for more elaborate explanation about the registration or visit the Educational Systems website

After registering in Extended form, you always have to log back in again and follow the procedure and status of your application with the Educational Affairs Office (BOZ). You can have only one registration open at the time, so make sure to complete Research Topics before starting your Final Project.

Carry out Final Project (Phase 2, 3, 4, 5)



At least three weeks (15 working days) before graduation

Hand in announcement colloquium form (pdf) at BOZ BIT ( (signed by your graduation committee, green light)
And complete your registration in Mobility Online. 

At least one day before your presentation / graduation

Hand in / email a digital copy of your thesis to BOZ and the library.

Final presentation and graduation (Phase 6)