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Excellent Master Theses MBIT

Versloot, C.W.A. (2019) Amplifying the Analyst: Machine Learning Approaches for Buried Utility Characterization.

Plant, O.H. (2019) DevOps under control : development of a framework for achieving internal control and effectively managing risks in a DevOps environment.  

Aggelen, J.M. van (2017) Using virtual reality to support substance use disorder treatment in people with an intellectual disability.

Franck, T. (2016) Towards an Integrated Model of Smart Manufacturing Enterprises.

Teerenstra, G.H.G. (2016) The start of IT Governance in a Dutch Academic Medical Centre.  

Brand, A. (2013). Improving interoperability between electric mobility and the electricity system - Towards a reference architecture for charging electric vehicles.

Paagman, A.J.G.M. (2012). Only for the money?: Motives for introducing shared services in government organizations.

Iankoulova, I.D. (2012). Business Intelligence for horizontal cooperation: Measuring the performance of a transformation network sharing cooperation between logistics companies.

Groot, R.E.J. de (2012). IT-Based risks in advergame campaigns: A focus on fairness and privacy.

Oude Maatman, R.B. (2011). Design and evaluate a deployment process for the ES benefits management method.

Boot, M.N.S. (2011). Electronic retail payments at public events: An exploratory study into the feasibility of various electronic payment systems at public events.

Wesselink, M.G. (2011). Requirements engineering in market-facing projects: A case study.

Veen, E.R.G. van der (2011). Precedent for doing things differently: case studies of agile development of large, distributed outsourcing projects.

Hoorn, R. van der (2011). Ensuring the pigs don’t chicken out: Improving the use of good practices in agile software development.

Maranny, E.A. (2011). Stage Maturity Model of m-Government (SMM M-Gov): Improving e-Government performance by utilizing m-Government features.

De Jong, F. (2009). The Right Governance Framework for Managing an Offshore IT Outsourcing Relationship.: The Shell Case.

Koster, S.R. (2009). An evaluation method for Business Process Management products.

Steen, B. (2009). Generation of optimal business processes from business rules.

Brandhorst, C.J. (2008). Intelligente Elektronische Ondersteuning voor Huisartsen.

Draaijer, R. (2008). Why Share? An empirical investigation of knowledge contribution within electronic networks of practice.  

Linders, S. (2008). Opportunities and limitations of using SOA concepts and technologies for building BI applications: a Delphi Study.

Oostrum, A.R. (2008). A service register as an information intermediary : towards a structured design approach for service registers.

Elling, E. (2007). Tools for fun and fruitful meetings: don’t let meetings make you go bananas!