EvaSys is the UT survey tool. It generates paper and online surveys, and a variety of reports about the results. EvaSys is in use for the central SEQ (Student Experience Questionnaire about each TOM module). Education programmes at the UT can also use this tool for their own quality control processes. 

How to use EvaSys to improve education quality

Most education programmes use the SEQ to monitor student opinions. In addition, you could use EvaSys for:

Survey options

EvaSys surveys can be built up in various ways:


Various reports can be generated. This presentation of standard reports demonstrates the basic layout. In addition, custom reports can be created using the underlying data.


EvaSys is currently in use for the SEQ (central student experience questionnaire). If you would like to use it for other surveys, please use the contact details below and we will discuss the timeline for further implementation.


In 2015-2016, the tool is being rolled out. Not all functionality will be available right away.


For all questions, please email Quest-ces@utwente.nl.

For more information about Evasys, please see the company websites in English and Dutch.