Voting tools


Do you wish to have more interaction with your students during a lecture? Do you want to know if your students understand what you’re explaining? Do you want a handy & user friendly tool for starting a discussion? Choose an online votingtool to involve your students more during lectures!

By occasionally taking a test or quiz during educational meetings, students are actively involved in the subject. More interaction between teacher and students in general have a positive impact on the learning process, and simultanously you will get informative feedback yourself on how you are doing.

Educational use of online voting

In what way and to what purposes can you use a voting tool as an educational tool? Some suggestions for inspiration:

You can use a voting tool:

  1. At the start of lecture to activate prior knowledge or measurement to indicate level
  2. During the lecture for concept testing
  3. Completion of lecture to test understanding or a diagnostic test

Votingtools have also an adaptive function. As a teacher your can continue, repeat or just skipping instruction or themes when test results make this evident.

Available Tool for voting

Wooclap: Wooclap is the default option voor UT. Unlimited group size, PowerPoint integration, many question types. More information can be found on the Educational Applications website.


Please contact us for support regarding Wooclap at: