Pre-recording (micro)lectures


Using video in your education has never been easier. There's many different ways you can create your own educational video: either comfortably from your home office to professionally at the UT videostudio. You can either use them (partially) substituting your regular lecturing or as extra reference material for your students. Next to that, H5P can be used to make videos interactive and increase the quality of your content.

By using videos you could flexiblize your education: videos enable adapting to a student's way and pace of learning. This also supports you if you're trying to try different educational models, like flipping the classroom or a different blended learning model. But you can also safely try out an instructional video on a smaller scale as well.

How to create your own video?

As stated, creating videos can be done by anyone nowadays. You can either record a PowerPoint from your (home) office or use the video services at the UT to go all-in. You can easily start today or contact the videoteam about your specific case.

We'll be launching a new microlecture course soon! Besides creating your own video, you'll also learn about the different use-cases and facilities available.
Check it out here!

Types of instructional videos

There's some different types of videos you could think of to make or use. Something like a PowerPoint recording, you can make at any time with some of our practical tips. There's also some tools available you can try out, feel free to contact us anytime!


Microlectures are a broad format but always focused on shorter instructional videos. You are still able to experiment with different tools and setups.

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PowerPoint recordings

PowerPoint is a familiar tool for many and with many recording options included nowadays, it's well-suited for basic instructional videos.

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On-location recording

In collaboration with the videoteam you could get a professional video recorded on-location, e.g. with an experiment or facility you'd like to showcase.

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Pencast - Explain Everything

If you'd like to do a Khan Academy - style pencast, you could use Explain Everything to do a live recording of your explanation.

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Pencast - Lightboard

Within the videostudio there's the option to record using the lightboard. A very aesthetically pleasing imagery with a direct interaction.

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Recording your screen can easily be done nowadays. There's features in PowerPoint available, but advanced users can also check out Camtasia.

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