• Who can I ask for support on e-learning?

    You can find your faculty E-learning specialist here. 

  • Which video conferencing tools are supported by UT?

    The UT supports BigBlueButton (Canvas Conferences) and Microsoft Teams as the main video conferencing tools for educational purposes. Zoom is available in case other tools are failing functionality and only for non-confidential purposes. 

  • Where can I find the CANVAS FAQ?

    The CANVAS FAQ can be found here. 

  • What is BigBlueButton?

    BigBlueButton is the built-in video conferencing tool of Canvas. For more information see the following webpage.

  • Why do some students not see the conference link under Conferences?

    Only students who were invited to the conference can see the link to the conference. Maybe new students have enrolled in your course after you created the conference and selected the 'Invite all course members' checkbox. The list of invited members will not be updated automatically when new students enroll in the course.
    Solution: click the Edit button of the conference in the Canvas course and select the checkbox for not yet invited students and click the button Update. After that, the students can see and join, even if the conference is already running (students may need to refresh the Conferences page).

    In general it's good practice to check if the list of invited members is complete an hour or so before the conference starts (click Edit, and select the checkbox for not yet invited students). Or: create the conference shortly before it starts, and mention in an announcement when the link will become available. This is especially necessary at the start of the quartile when new students will enroll each day.

  • Can I do screensharing in BigBlueButton with Mac OS?

    Yes, but you have to use the browsers Firefox or Chrome on a desktop or laptop. In Safari and on mobile devices screensharing is not supported. For more info, see the BigBlueButton guide.

  • Can I get help with Explain Everything (pencast)?

    Yes, please contact us if you need assistance. For more information look at the Pencast page.

  • Does Explain Everything only work on an iPad?

    No, Explain Everything works on every tablet and even on desktop computers. Keep in mind though, that working on a desktop and in a browser might give you some limitations on features and writing capabilities. We recommend using the app in combination with a fairly new tablet. (2018 and up)