Embedded course in curriculum

Embedding a course in the curriculum involves integrating it seamlessly into the existing structure, ensuring its relevance, coherence, and alignment with broader educational goals of the educational programme. 

Aligning the Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOS) with Program Learning Outcomes (PLOS) involves harmonizing the overarching goals and objectives of an institution with the specific competencies and skills targeted within individual programs, ensuring a cohesive educational experience that prepares students for success across diverse academic and professional contexts.

Constructive Alignment

  • What is Constructive Alignment ?

    “Constructive alignment makes quite explicit the standards needed if the intended learning outcomes are to be achieved and maintained.” (Biggs & Tang, 2015)

    Constructive Alignment is an educational framework proposed by Biggs & Tang (2011), which emphasizes the harmonization of three core components within a course or curriculum to ensure educational quality. These components are:

    • Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs): These are the clear, measurable goals that students are expected to achieve by the end of the instructional period.
    • Teaching and Learning Activities (TLAs): These are the pedagogical methods and exercises designed to engage students and facilitate the achievement of the ILOs.
    • Feedback and Assessment: This involves the mechanisms for evaluating student performance and providing them with feedback, which not only measures their understanding but also guides future learning.

    The principle of Constructive Alignment dictates that there should be a deliberate and strategic fit between the ILOs, TLAs, and assessment methods. This alignment ensures that all aspects of teaching are focused on helping students meet the intended outcomes, thereby enhancing the learning experience and the overall quality of the educational program

  • Constructive Alignment on the Curricular Level

    Course Level

    Programme Level

    Institutional Level

    Intended Learning Outcomes

    Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs)

    Programme Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

    Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs)

    Teaching & Learning Activities

    T&L Activities on the Course Level

    T&L Activities on the Programme Level

    T&L Activities on the Institutional Level


    Assessment on Couse Level

    Assessment on the Programme Level

    Assessment on Institutional Level

At the University of Twente, Educational Design should comply with the vision of the Twente Educational Model (TOM: Twente Onderwijs Model)

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