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Contact & Frequently Asked Questions


  • What costs are involved for my participation?

    This mirco-module is free of charge for all University of Twente and all ECIU students.

  • Can all students apply to this micro-module?

    We accept students from all Bachelor and Master studies of the ECIU universities.

  • Do I need to travel to any of the other universities in the course?

    No travelling is required for the course! You can follow all components of the micro-module online, so you do not need to be physically present during the course (only online).

  • Can I choose which Expert Meetings I will follow?

    You are able to choose those Expert Meetings which fit best with your own interest and your agenda! We require you to follow one Expert Meeting per "Expert Meeting week", giving you a total of three sessions to attend. Therefore, you should divide and conquer with your project team to make sure you get the information that you need!


dr. P. van Adrichem - Rotteveel (Nelleke)
ICCS project leader (Senior educational consultant)
L.G.A. Buunk MSc (Luuk)
ICCS project leader (CBL & micro-module expert)
M.A.H.C. Snijders (Marie-Laure)
ICCS assistant project leader