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Overview Master's

Set-up Master's

The Master's IDE is a full-time two-year Master's programme. An academic year is divided into four quarters with a schedule of ten weeks each. The study load for a quarter is 15 European Credits (EC). 

The curriculum of the IDE Master’s programme consists of 120 EC. The first five quarters of the Master’s programme consist of courses (75 EC); the final three quarters (45 EC) are spent on the Master’s project (thesis). Before you start with your Master's programme, you must choose a Master track.

The exact set of courses in your study programme depends on the Master track you are registered for, as well as your own preferences. Each track contains a number of track-specific courses and a Master’s assignment in line with the track’s specialisation. Furthermore, a student can participate in a selection of IDE courses and elective courses. The entire Master’s programme (Individual Study Programme and Master's assignment) requires approval from the track coordinator.

Registration Master's

Please complete the following steps to start the Master's programme IDE. 

Master's assignment


The Master’s programme is concluded with an individual Master’s assignment. The main objective of the Master’s assignment is to carry out an individual research or design project, independently, in one of the sub-fields of Industrial Design Engineering. The level must be representative for a Master’s programme, by applying state-of-the-art scientific knowledge of the sub-field. The size of the thesis project is 45 EC. The assignment is carried out internally at the university or externally, at a company or a public organisation within the professional field. 

Before starting your Master's assignment, you must complete the following steps:

  1. The entry requirement for the Master’s assignment is that you have obtained at least 75 EC. If this amount is not obtained you must consult your track coordinator, and in special occasions, you have to ask the programme director for permission.
  2. Submit a value proposition/plan of action of maximum 2 A4 to the track coordinator before the start of the Master’s assignment. Approval of your value proposition by the track coordinator and the envisaged supervisor is a requirement for agreement upon start of your Master’s assignment.
  3. Complete the Graduation Registration procedure in Mobility Online
  4. For external assignments: register the formalities in an agreement. Please use the format provided by the faculty ET.

For more details, consult the Workflow of your track, accessible through your track's Canvas page.

Graduation procedure

In order to graduate, you need to complete the following steps:

  1. Request consent for your colloquium with your (UT) supervisor. Precondition for this consent is that your supervisor is satisfied with the draft of your thesis.
  2. Make an appointment for the date of your colloquium with the secretary of the chairman of your committee at least four weeks before the colloquium will take place.
  3. Submit the colloquium announcement itself through this website.
  4. Submit a hard copy of the complete report to all members of your graduation committee at the latest two weeks before your colloquium date.
  5. Submit a hard copy of the academic publication to your UT supervisor at the latest two weeks before your colloquium date. The publication must adhere to the publication template.
  6. Submit your colloquium presentation to your track coordinator at the latest on the day of your colloquium
  7. Close your Master’s assignment in Mobility Online. Check and complete the information in the proposal form.

For more details, consult the Workflow of your track, accessible through your track's Canvas page.

Study abroad

The possibilities to do courses of the individual Master’s programme or the Master’s project abroad can be discussed with the assigned track coordinator.