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About Industrial Design Engineering

The IDE Master’s programme is academically focused, with the emphasis on design methodologies and problem-solving strategies underpinned by a solid theoretical foundation. Therefore, extending and reinforcing the understanding of design principles, theoretical concepts, and the relation between products and product development processes is a deliberate goal of the Master’s programme.

The Master’s programme focuses on the field of Industrial Design Engineering from three different perspectives, which are translated into three different Master tracks. Whereas some overlap between the tracks is possible (and stimulated), students are encouraged to express their own accents by selecting a track and elective subjects.

The Master’s programme adopts an educational concept with a focus on autonomous study and the attitude this requires. As a consequence, the Master’s programme is an individualised programme in which the student has significant freedom of choice. The ability to discern, plan, prioritise, monitor, execute and evaluate work is assumed to be an implicit and obvious capability of a Master’s student. Consequently, many courses include design assignments related to realistic and topical challenges. Depending on the specifics of a course, these assignments are executed individually or by groups.