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Study abroad

Students interested in studying abroad, can do so during the minor or as part of their bachelor thesis project. Living and working in a different culture can be a great experience.


As part of the minor, students have the opportunity to study at a foreign university. Students can choose their minor university from a list of partner universities. As part of this partnership, students continue to pay tuition for the UT during their study abroad and do not need to pay additional tuition to the host university. Partner universities also offer education at a level that fits into the third year curriculum. Students must have fulfilled all course requirements to be eligible for a semester abroad.

More information about a minor abroad or studying abroad can be found on the general UT website or on the website of the faculty ET. Please also read the clarifying manual.

To get more information about studying at a foreign university, contact the internationalization coordinator (Student Mobility Centre).


Doing the bachelor thesis project abroad is also an option. The organisation at which the project is completed must be able to provide the student a quality experience and sufficient guidance throughout the project. This usually means that the University of Twente must already have a positive relationship with the organisation for it to be approved.

For students who take the initiative to find an organisation independently, it is always possible that something can be arranged with the bachelor thesis project coordinator (Student Mobility Centre).


Other useful websites for studying abroad: