About Industrial Design Engineering

Industrial Design Engineers combine technology and ingenuity to create useful and well-designed consumer products that meet the demands of the target audience. The products they deliver must meet many requirements besides being functional and attractive. The products should also be producible at a reasonable cost, easy to use, and well suited for packaging and transport, to mention a few.

But there's more to it. Industrial design engineers often act as the linking pin in product development trajectories; simultaneously analysing, directing, coordinating, conducting and contributing to the project. Such projects are ordinarily embedded in multidisciplinary environments. Therefore, industrial design engineers require adequate information, knowledge and skills to oversee the development cycle, to interrelate different projects and ensure alignment to company strategies.

The ‘Industrial Design Engineering’ Bachelor’s programme at the University of Twente provides students with basic scientific knowledge and skills and a broad view of the field of industrial design engineering, which is a strongly interdisciplinary domain. This forms the basis for the interdisciplinary setup of the scientific Bachelor’s programme and has led to the final qualifications for the programme.