Student mobility (EN)

Outgoing students

In this section you can find all kind of information about "going abroad". Click on the sections below to continue reading. Note: if there is a discrepancy between the Manual Study Abroad and this website, the manual is leading!

NEW: Canvas site "Study abroad for ET students".

Currently the information given in the 'Manual Study Abroad' is being transfered to a Canvas site, called "Study abroad for ET students". This site is already live, although not completely filled yet. However, it has some nice additional features compared to this website, so if you have started considering that you 'might want to do something abroad', please register yourself for this Canvas site. Registration for this Canvas site doesn't mean that you have committed yourself to go abroad! It is just a very useful medium to transfer information to you and it will contain lots of useful information to both inform yourself in general as well as about specific details of (for example) the exchange proedure. If you can't register, please go to one of the open hours of the Exchange Coordinator.

An overview of important documents (such as the Assignment & Confidentiality Agreement) can be found here.

You can download the faculty presentation about Study Abroad from 23th of October 2018 here