See About IDE

Faculty of Engineering Technology

Industrial Design Engineering (ID) is a bachelor’s programme within the faculty of Engineering Technology (ET). Civil and Mechanical Engineering are also part of the Faculty of Engineering Technology, which is located in the Horst building on the University of Twente campus.

Education and Research

Industrial Design Engineering professors have different areas of expertise. These areas of expertise are part of so called education chairs. Each chair provides education and conducts research concerning a specific aspect of Engineering Technology. Each education chair is headed by a professor. The rest of the academic staff is made up of assistant professors, teachers, researchers, and PhD’s.

Each education chair has its own secretarial office, which students frequent for tasks such as handing in or picking up projects. Faculty mailboxes are also located in the secretarial offices. For ID, the most important secretarial office is that of the Design Department, which can be found in Horstring N-204.

Faculty council

The faculty council (FC) is a representative body within the Faculty of Engineering in which both faculty and students are represented. The FC gives faculty and students a voice in education, research, policy making, and decision making. The FC advises the decan, discusses his/her plans, and votes for or against them. The FC can also indicate support for or disapproval of previously made decisions. Student representatives are chosen annually, faculty representatives biannually. The bucket, year plan, faculty regulations, facilities and student charter. Een paar voorbeelden van wat er in de FR besproken wordt zijn de begroting, het jaarplan, het faculteitsregelement, faciliteiten en het studentenstatuut.