FTF History

FLC-Zurich, 2006, Zürich, Numerical and experimental methods in prediction of forming limits in sheet forming and tube hydroforming processes

2nd FTF, 2007, Zürich, Application of Stochastics and Optimization Methods

3rd FTF, 2009, Zürich, Constitutive modeling of kinematic and anisotropic hardening effects for ductile materials

4th FTF, 2011, Zürich, Realization Concepts for Zero Failure Forming Methods

5th FTF, 2012, Zürich, Advanced failure prediction methods in sheet metal forming

6th FTF, 2013, Herrching, Modelling of Process Chains and Interfaces for Sheet Metal Forming

7th FTF, 2014, Enschede, Warm and Hot Forming

8th FTF, 2015, Zürich, Advanced constitutive models in sheet metal forming

9th FTF, 2016, Ohlstadt, Advanced Methods in Material Testing for Sheet Metal Forming