Forming Technology Forum 2017

10th Forming Technology Forum

Model Based Control for Smart Forming Processes

12 and 13 October 2017, Enschede, The Netherlands

Forming Technology Forum is a 2-day conference with a limited number of carefully selected presentations and sufficient time for in-depth discussion. The forum is organized annually and each year a different theme is selected.

The focus of the 10th Forming Technology Forum is on smart forming processes, in which process control is supported by dedicated process models. It is strongly related to concepts as zero-defect manufacturing and first-time-right production. Control is focused on achieving desired product properties, rather than on controlling a prescribed tool displacement. Sensors for measuring variations in material and process conditions, together with models for the propagation of these variations in the process to the final product properties will be discussed.

In manufacturing technology, control algorithms are classically used to achieve a prescribed displacement of tools. The tool settings are optimized for nominal material properties or -at best- determined to achieve a robust process result under the influence of material and process scatter. Two trends require to go beyond tool control and investigate direct control of product properties. Firstly, increasing requirements on product accuracy reach a state where no robust fixed machine setting can handle the unavoidable material and process scatter within the specification limits. Secondly, due to customization requirements batch sizes become significantly smaller and tuning of control systems for every batch should be avoided.

Because the quality parameters to be controlled are often not directly measurable, models are used to translate between sensor data and required action. Standard finite element models use way too much calculation time to be applied in a control algorithm. Model reduction techniques are required to obtain models that can be integrated in control strategies.

The conference brings together researchers and practitioners in production technology, modelling and control to share and benefit from each other's experience by high quality presentations and lively discussions.

Prof.Dr. Ton van den Boogaard, University of Twente, Enschede (chairman FTF2017)
Prof.Dr. Pavel Hora, Institute for Virtual Manufacturing, ETH, Zurich
Prof.Dr. Wolfram Volk, Technische Universität München, Munich

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