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Several people at the UT had been toying with the idea of a Faculty Club, and in March 2003, Arwin Nimis, Leo Goedegebuure and Dave Blank got together to take the first step in that direction. They all agreed that there should be a room where members of the University community could meet one another and bring guests. The Executive Board gave its approval and Leo Goedegebuure and Dave Blank were joined by Bert Groenman and Albert van den Berg, who had also expressed their interest in setting up the University of Twenty Faculty Club Foundation.

The name and the idea are at once simple and complex: Faculty stands for ability, gift, talent, aptitude, scientific staff, university personnel, ingenuity, skill. Add all those concepts together and combine them with the UT’s own unique mix of solidity, drive and entrepreneurial skills and you get a well-appointed, lively, easily accessible, rustic, traditional-looking meeting place for everyone at this university, and, not to forget, their guests.

However, practically speaking there was still more than enough to do before the Club could get off the ground. Once the major renovation work to the ‘Boerderij’ led by Abel Blom had been finished, the Faculty Club was opened on 24 November 2003, complete with a lounge on the top floor specially for the University of Twente Faculty Club Foundation.

And since then, you, as members of the UT community have had the opportunity to meet your colleagues here and bring along your guests. The Executive Board of the Faculty Club Foundation organises a range of interesting activities so that you can feel even more at home in our lounge.

See you at the Faculty Club!