2014/present: Water Management (BSc course, 201400144)

2007/present: Coordination Bachelor Final Projects Water

2007/present: Coordination Master Graduation Projects Water

2003/present: Hydrology (MSc course, 195400101)

2011/2014: Civil Engineering Design Project (water-related contribution)

2003/2014: Introduction to Water Management (192240131)

2005/2006: W1-Urban Water Management (coordination)

1999/2001: W1-assignment Hydrology (224111)

PhD students

2013/ present: Joep Schyns, Present and future global availability and scarcity of land with sufficient green water resources for agricultural production: The potential of green water for reducing agricultural blue water consumption

2013/ present: Andry Rustanto, Hydrological characterization of land use in two exemplary catchments

2013/ present: Hero Marhaento, Impact of land use changes on water availability in Heart of Borneo and Java catchments under variable climatic conditions

2012/ 2015: Xujie Zhang, Future flow projections and their impacts on reservoir operation

2010/ 2015: Donghai Zheng, Exploring downstream water availability of Yellow River based on historic and projected runoff change in the source region area

2010/2013: Ye Tian, Uncertainty in climate change impacts on extreme discharges of twinning river basins

2008/2014: Mehmet Demirel, Seasonal and long-term prediction of low flows in the Rhine basin.

2007/2011: Jord Warmink, Uncertain hydraulic roughness in river models.

2001/2005: Yueping Xu, Appropriate modelling in decision support systems for river basin management.

2001/2005: Xiaohua Dong, Appropriate flow forecasting for reservoir operation.

MSc students

11-2017/present: Wouter Schreur, Influence of future climate change on flooding: comparison of catchments with predominant rainfall and snow-melt driven flood regime. (Institute of Geophysics: Warsaw, Poland and UT) 

11-2017/present: Nika Daling, Effect of spatial and temporal resolution of precipitation on flood peak simulation using a distributed hydrological model. (Zhejiang University: Hangzhou, China and UT)

11-2017/present: Herm Jan aan het Rot, Typhoon flood risk: the “double punch”. (Deltares)

07-2017/present: Raazia Attique, Performance evaluation and comparison of various downscaling models for rainfall and temperature variability and extremity under Representative Concentration Pathways scenarios over the Gwadar-Ormara basin, Pakistan. (ITC) 

11-2016/present: Niels van den Brink, Uncertainties in the estimation of Meuse flood characteristics by the GRADE instrument. (Deltares and UT)

11-2016/09-2017: Ingrid van den Brink, Sensitivity of discharge characteristics to the spatial resolution of regional climate models. (Deltares, KNMI and UT)

11-2016/07-2017: Theo Schipper, The attribution of changes in streamflow to climate and land use change for 472 catchments in the United States and Australia (UT)

11-2015/present: Larisse Keim, Uncertainties in the estimation of flood characteristics by the GRADE instrument. (Deltares and UT)

11-2015/11-2016: Mick Poppe, Simulating the water footprint of woodies in Aquacrop en Apex. (UT)

11-2015/11-2016: Ivo Huiskes, Using Ensemble Streamflow Predictions for extreme discharge purposes in the river Rhine. (Deltares and UT)

11-2015/08-2016: Tom Brouwer, Potential of Twitter derived flood maps: comparing interpolation methods and assessing uncertainties. (Deltares)

09-2015/04-2016: Annemarleen Kersbergen, Skill of a discharge generator in simulating low flow characteristics in the Rhine basin. (Deltares and UT)

08-2015/06-2016: Sjoerd Wester, Hydrodynamic modelling of a data scarce wetland area in the Lower Paraná Delta. (University of San Martin: Buenos Aires, Argentina and UT)

04-2015/05-2016: Hizkia Trul, Performance of GRADE in simulating flood wave characteristics in the Rhine basin. (Deltares and UT)

11-2014/11-2015: Ruben Oldhoff, Local and catchment scale validation of soil hydraulic pedotransfer functions for an Indonesian watershed. (Bengawan Solo Water Board: Solo, Indonesia and UT)

11-2014/08-2015: Harm-Jan Benninga, Performance and limitations of ensemble river flow forecasts. (Institute of Geophysics: Warsaw, Poland and UT)

05-2014/12-2015: Loek Zomerdijk, Performance of multi-model ensemble combinations for flood forecasting. (Zhejiang University: Hangzhou, China and UT)

05-2014/05-2015: Rens Holterman, Using remote sensing data of actual evapotranspiration in strategic and operational water level management. (Waterschap Groot Salland)

12-2013/10-2014: Floor Speet, Improving decision quality in urban storm water management projects by using 3Di system. (Nelen & Schuurmans)

10-2013/03-2015: Wouter Maat, Simulating discharges and forecasting floods using a conceptual rainfall-runoff model for the Bolivian Mamoré basin. (UT)

09-2013/08-2014: Gerrit van Zwol, Water deficits in Bogowonto. Evaluation of hydrological effects of stakeholder prioritized response options for the agricultural water deficits in Bogowonto, Indonesia. Indonesia (Gadjah Mada University: Yogyakarta, Indonesia and UT)

11-2012/09-2013: Hildemar Houtenbos, Impacts of climate change on drought in the Meuse basin. (UT)

10-2012/12-2013: Sebastiaan Meurs, Het beoordelen of met de stochastenmethode een goede indicatie van normafvoeren kan worden gegeven door gebruik te maken van een hydrologisch Simgro-model. (Waterschap Peel en Maasvallei)

09-2012/12-2013: Wouter Knoben, Estimation of non-stationary hydrological model parameters for the Polish Welna catchment. (Institute of Geophysics: Warsaw, Poland and UT)

04-2012/03-2013: Ingmar van Aartsen, Water shortages in Bandung. Assessment of inter-basin water transfer measures to reduce water shortages in the Upper Citarum River Basin. (Deltares)

04-2012/04-2013: Erwin Vonk, Dam reoperation as an adaption strategy for shifting patterns of water supply and demand. A case study for the Xin’anjiang-Fuchunjiang reservoir cascade, China. (Zhejiang University: Hangzhou, China and UT)

02-2012/12-2013: Rick Hogeboom, The influence of groundwater abstractions on Lake Naivasha's water levels. (ITC and UT)

11-2011/04-2013: Frank Meins, Evaluation of spatial scale alternatives for hydrological modelling of the Lake Naivasha basin, Kenya. (ITC and UT)

11-2011/10-2012: Wouter van Esse, Demystifying hydrological monsters. Can flexibility in model structure help explain monster catchments? (Irstea: Paris, France, CRP Gabriel Lippman: Belvaux, Luxembourg and UT)

10-2011/01-2013: Kor Heerema, Hydrological modeling of a Mongolian River basin under current and changed climate conditions using permafrost conceptualizations. (DHV and UT)

05-2011/05-2012: Frans van der Werf, De vertaalslag van landelijk beleid tot het nemen van maatregelen door de waterschappen. (Infram)

11-2010/08-2011: Pham Van Trang, Tracking the uncertainty from precipitation to streamflow prediction in hydrological modelling. (Cemagref: Paris, France and UT)

09-2010/04-2012: Jeroen Heesbeen, The influence of integrated modelling on the flood risk in an urban water system. (Royal Haskoning)

05-2010/08-2011: Pieter Bouwma, Low flow forecasts for the Rhine at Lobith 14 days ahead. (UT)

02-2010/12-2010: Jasper Bisterbosch, Impacts of climate change on low flows in the Rhine basin. (UT)

11-2009/04-2011: Sander Siebelink, Application of rainfall data from radar versus rain gauge in urban water management. (Hydrologic and UT)

09-2009/06-2010: Werner Weeink, Thresholds for flood forecasting and warning. Evaluation of streamflow and ensemble thresholds. (Cemagref: Paris, France and UT)

06-2009/04-2010: Sander van den Tillaart, Influence of incertainties in discharge determination on the parameter estimation and performance of a HBV model in Meuse sub basins. (UT)

11-2008/08-2010: Lea Goedhart, Presentation of uncertainty in model output to decision makers in flood management. (UT and Hydrologic)

09-2008/09-2009: Daniël Tollenaar, Simulation of present and future discharges at the Nile River upstream Lake Nasser. (Deltares and UT)

06-2008/03-2009: Han Vermue, Increasing complexity in hydrologic modelling; an uphill route?. (Royal Haskoning and Waterschap Aa en Maas)

05-2008/12-2008: Arnoud Keizer, Guide to reduce flood damage through failure of regional dikes. (Hydrologic)

03-2008/09-2009: Harm-Jan van Donk, De gevolgen van toekomstverandering voor het Natte Hart van Nederland in 2050. (Deltares)

10-2007/06-2008: Robert Verger, Hawaii’s vanishing streamflows. (University of Hawaii: Manoa, United States and UT)

10-2007/04-2008: Anne Steenbergen, Advising municipalities how to deal with (uncertainties in) extreme rain events and the expected increase herein for the design of the urban water system. (Tauw)

09-2007/07-2008: Pieter Stek, Urban groundwater extraction in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (International Islamic University: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and UT)

04-2007/03-2008: Arjan Ottink, The European Water Framework Directive in urban areas. (Witteveen+Bos)

12-2006/11-2007: Ric Huting, Hydrological modelling of the Liuxihe River basin to contribute to the development of flood management. (Sun Yat-Sen University: Guangzhou, China and UT)

12-2006/07-2007: Wouter de Hamer, Potential water supply of the Mnyabezi catchment. A case study of a small reservoir and alluvial aquifer system in the arid region of southern Zimbabwe. (WaterNet/ ICRISAT: Harare, Zimbabwe and UT)

10-2006/03-2007: Irena Ymeti, Rainfall estimation by Remote Sensing for conceptual rainfall-runoff modeling in the Upper Blue Nile basin. (ITC)

04-2006/11-2006: Dave Deckers, Predicting discharge at ungauged catchments. Parameter estimation through the method of regionalisation. (ITC and UT)

01-2006/10-2006: Martijn Huisjes, Uncertainties in the impacts of climate change on extreme high Meuse discharges. (UT)

04-2005/12-2005: Niels Minnen, Voorspelling lage afvoeren Rijn. Een onderzoek naar de mogelijkheden voor het voorspellen van lage afvoeren op de rivier de Rijn (HKV)

03-2005/10-2005: Martin Arends, Low flow modelling of the Meuse. Recalibration of the existing HBV Meuse model. (RIZA)

08-2004/05-2005: Rianne Bijlsma, Geautomatiseerd draaiboek hoogwater boezem. Ontwikkeling van een functioneel ontwerp gebaseerd op het boezembeheer bij Wetterskip Fryslân. (Royal Haskoning and Wetterskip Fryslân)

06-2004/08-2005: Steven Foppes, Regionalisation based on basin characteristics applied to flood forecasting in the Da River. (Institute of Mechanics: Hanoi, Vietnam and UT)

01-2004/10-2004: Tom Raadgever, Schademodellering laagwater Maas. Een onderzoek naar de omvang en de opbouw van de schade ten gevolge van lage Maasafvoeren. (Royal Haskoning and UT)

09-2003/08-2004: Peter Kramer, Effecten van vasthouden-bergen-afvoeren voor de stroomgebieden van de Regge en Overijsselse Vecht tijdens hoogwatersituaties. (Royal Haskoning)

07-2003/03-2004: Marieke ten Voorde, Watertekort in het Hollands Noorderkwartier. (Grontmij)

07-2003/02-2004: Jonas van Schrojenstein Lantman, Hoogwatervoorspellingen op de Maas in crisissituaties. (Rijkswaterstaat Limburg)

04-2003/10-2003: Thalitha van Heijst, De Maten voor de Bornsebeek? Ruimtelijke inpassing van stedelijk oppervlaktewater in de nieuwbouwwijk de Borsche Maten. (Royal Haskoning)

01-2003/08-2003: Inge de Kort, Decision making under uncertainty. Ranking measures in a Decision Support System for flood control in the Red River in Vietnam, while taking uncertainty into account. (UT)

05-2001/06-2003: Boukje Klunhaar, The value of knowing how little you know. De invloed van het ‘erkennen’ van statistische onzekerheid op de maatgevende afvoer van de Maas. (UT)

05-2001/12-2001: Koen van der Wal, Meuse model moulding. On the effect of spatial resolution. (RIZA and UT)

12-2000/07-2001: Nicole Zantkuijl, Waterconservering via het peilbeheer. Het bepalen van de mogelijkheden in agrarisch gebied. (Witteveen+Bos)

BSc students (internships)

04-2017/07-2017: Anne Siersema, Analyse van de verschillen tussen de grondwatermodellen Azure en Hydromedah bij de provincie Utrecht. (Tauw: Deventer)

04-2017/07-2017: Danny Booij, Statistical trend analysis of River Rhine discharge using a twentieth century weather re-analysis. (Deltares: Delft)

04-2016/08-2016: Daniël van den Heuvel, A hillslope hydrology analysis of the Landscape Evolution Observatory within Biosphere2. (University of Arizona: Tucson, United States)

04-2016/07-2016: Wessel van der Sande, Impacts of systematic streamflow errors on hydrological forecasting. (UNESCO-IHE: Delft)

04-2015/08-2015: Henrike Maris, Peak discharge variation due to leaf area index and vegetation cover characteristics in the upper Bengawan Solo catchment. (Bengawan Solo Water Board: Solo, Indonesia)

04-2015/07-2015: Rianne Boks, Presentatie basisprognoses waterveiligheid uit het Nationaal Water Model in de vorm van infographics. (Deltares: Delft)

09-2014/12-2014: Geert-Jan Wilbrink, Characterization of recession behaviour for ungauged catchments in the United Kingdom based on catchment properties. (University of Bristol: Bristol, United Kingdom)

07-2014/11-2014: Marc Warmerdam, Design of a hydrological model to determine the impact of urbanization on the direct runoff at the hillslope scale in West Java, Indonesia. (LabMath Indonesia: Bandung, Indonesia)

04-2014/08-2014: Annet Both, The development of a pedotransfer function predicting the hydraulic conductivity for the Bogowonto river basin, Java. (Gadjah Mada University: Yogyakarta, Indonesia)

04-2014/08-2014: Bas Krewinkel, A correlation study between climate indexes and high runoff events in the Lanjiang River Basin, China. (Zhejiang University: Hangzhou, China)

05-2013/08-2013: Marcel Muller, Het gebruik van meetgegevens voor het verbeteren van de hydrologische verwachtingen van het IJsselmeer. (Rijkswaterstaat: Lelystad)

04-2013/08-2013: Michiel Clements, Defining prior probabilities for hydrologic model structures in UK catchments. (University of Bristol: Bristol, United Kingdom)

11-2012/04-2013: Timor Post, Search for the optimal selection formulas when calibrating separately for flood and dry season. (China Three Gorges University: Yichang, China)

07-2012/11-2012: Arjen Haag, Hercalibratie Model Lobith. Een vergelijking van methoden voor het opstellen van regressie vergelijkingen bij de calibratie van een model gericht op waterstandsvoorspellingen van de Rijn. (Rijkswaterstaat: Lelystad)

04-2012/08-2012: Peter Bijl, Regionalization of hydraulic conductivity and drainable porosity using a hillslope hydrological model approach. (University of Arizona: Tucson, United States)

04-2012/08-2012: Christiaan Groeneveld, Modelling watershed development in West-Bengal (East India Plateau) using a small scale rainfall-evapotranspiration-runoff model. (Australian National University: Canberra, Australia)

04-2012/08-2012: Jasper Hoeve, Developing and applying a methodology for high flow estimation under a non-stationary climate. The effects of climate change and climate variability on high river flows in New Zealand catchments. (NIWA: Christchurch, New Zealand)

05-2011/09-2011: Erwin Vonk, The impact of different canal configurations on the drainage of tropical peatlands. (LabMath Indonesia: Bandung, Indonesia)

04-2011/09-2011: Anne Nobel, Modeling the impact of climate and land use change on discharges in het Citarum river. (Padjadjaran University: Bandung, Indonesia)

04-2011/08-2011: Thijs Evers, Application of the WetSpa model to the South Tobacco Creek watershed using an improved snow redistribution algorithm. (University of Guelph: Guelph, Canada)

06-2010/present: Jurjen Hendriks, Modeling dissolved silica and suspended sediment in the Baker river catchment. (CIEP: Coyhaique, Chile)

04-2010/09-2010: Johan de Waard, Testing a fully distributed hydrological model for runoff and flow simulation on a Canadian prairie watershed. (University of Guelph: Guelph, Canada)

04-2010/08-2010: Frank Meins, Modelling drainage of tropical peatlands through a canal system. (LabMath Indonesia: Bandung, Indonesia)

11-2009/06-2010: Joost Noordermeer, Data-extensive water table height approximation. Restoration of tropical peatland hydrology on Central Kalimantan. (LabMath Indonesia: Bandung, Indonesia)

09-2009/02-2010: Michiel van Vilsteren, Design flood estimation for the Quang Tri province in Vietnam. (Hanoi University of Science: Hanoi, Vietnam)

05-2009/08-2009: Ferdinand van den Brink, Modelling the discharge of the Cidanau River in West Java with the HBV model. (LabMath Indonesia: Bandung, Indonesia)

04-2009/08-2009: Erik Ensing, Reference crop evapotranspiration spatially interpolated and temporally distributed in Java. (LabMath Indonesia: Bandung, Indonesia)

03-2009/08-2009: Tom Doldersum, Global sensitivity analysis of the WetSpa model for the Ve river in Vietnam. (Hanoi University of Science: Hanoi, Vietnam)

10-2008/01-2009: Harm Nomden, Natuurvorming en de gevolgen voor de neerslag-afvoer-relatie. Analyse van de gevolgen van het project “Herstel beekdalsysteem Halkenbroek/ Homers” (Peilgebied 1510) op de neerslag-afvoer-relatie. (Royal Haskoning: Groningen)

05-2008/08-2008: Mees Beeker, The Water Footprint of Indonesian provinces. (LabMath Indonesia: Bandung, Indonesia)

04-2008/08-2008: Rik Bulsink, Water Footprint of Indonesian Provinces. The relation between water use and consumption in Indonesian provinces. (LabMath Indonesia: Bandung, Indonesia)

04-2008/07-2008: Marloes ter Haar, Hoe veilig is Nederland? Een onderzoek naar de patronen en gevolgen van een mogelijke overstroming. (Provincie Overijssel: Zwolle)

08-2006/03-2007: Maarten van Breemen, Analysis of the hydrologic sources in the Cotahuasi river basin. (AEDES: Arequipa, Peru)

04-2006/08-2006: Daniël Tollenaar, Improvement of river runoff forecasting by increasing representativeness of model input data. (Institute of Mechanics: Hanoi, Vietnam)

03-2006/06-2006: Robert Verger, Modelling the Se Bang Fai river with HBV96. (Lao National Mekong Committee: Vientiane, Lao)

05-2005/08-2005: Joanne de Kruijf, Sustainability of rural water supply systems. Assessment of gravity systems implemented by Plan Cameroon in the Northwest province of Cameroon. (Plan Cameroon: Bamenda, Cameroon)

03-2005/07-2005: Frank Dekker, To sell or not to sell. A research about the availability of water in the Nam Ngum river basin (Lao). (Lao National Mekong Committee: Vientiane, Lao)

09-2004/12-2004: Tessa Hoffman, De Vlaggenkaart. De ontwikkeling van een digitaal overzicht van de risicovolle objecten binnen een waterschap ter ondersteuning van de calamiteiten coördinator. (HKV: Lelystad)

12-2003/03-2004: Arnejan van Loenen, Influence of high protection of Shetzu Island on downstream Tanshui basin. (Sinotech: Taipei, Taiwan)

01-2003/04-2003: Marieke ten Voorde, Proving subsurface stormflow (SSF) and simulating runoff with HEC-HMS and QAREA. (ETH: Zürich, Zwitserland)