Decision making on flood management in the Meuse river


Anna Wesselink

Maarten Krol

Wiebe Bijker (Maastricht University)


University of Twente




March 2001 – March 2006


The objective of the proposed research is to explore principles and processes active in current flood management in the unembanked part of the Meuse valley. This should enable reflection on possible improvements. The investigations focus on:

  • identifying the assumptions behind present flood management proposals, globally (e.g. world view) or topic-specific (e.g. models);
  • identifying the limits of these assumptions where they are presented as objective knowledge (e.g. uncertainty);
  • identifying whether, and which, alternatives to these assumptions exist;
  • collecting information on if and how public and experts reason from the three domains (logos, ethos and pathos) when current proposals for flood management are concerned.