Roughness modelling


Uncertainties analysis of roughness modelling in rivers



Persons involved:

Drs. Jord Warmink (PhD-student) Hanneke van der Klis (daily supervisor) M.J. Booij

Prof. Dr. Suzanne J.M.H. Hulscher (promoter)




February 2007 – February 2011

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part of Vici-project Rough Water

Short description:

Uncertainty in the hydraulic roughness of the riverbed is one of the main sources of uncertain computed water levels. The type and magnitude of this source of uncertainty and its effects on the model results are studied through numerical simulations, both for 1D and 2D models. Among other applications, this uncertainty analysis is interesting in view of the Dutch legal requirement of high accuracy of predicted water levels in the Dutch branches of the rivers Rhine and Meuse (i.e. mm).

The study will result in explicit knowledge of the uncertainty in modelled bed and water levels due to uncertainty in the spatial and temporal variability in hydraulic roughness of the riverbed and the way it is incorporated in hydraulic-morpological models.