Optimizing operational water management with sentinel-1 satellites


Persons involved
Ir. M.Pezij (PhD candidate)
Dr. ir. D.C.M. Augustijn (Daily supervisor)
D. Hendriks (Deltares)
Prof. dr. S.J.M.H. Hulscher (Promoter)

Funding of the project
Technology Foundation STW
Provincie Overijssel
Waterboard Aa en Maas
Waterboard Vechtstromen


Many deltas around the world experience increasing pressure on their water systems as a result of changes in supply and demand caused by socio-economic developments as well as climate variability. The grand challenge for regional water managers worldwide is to optimize the amount of water available for all functions according to their respective needs by either retaining or draining water. Indispensable for skillful management of these water systems are reliable up-to-date information on the current situation and models to evaluate the impact of control measures.

The European Sentinel-1 Satellite Programme provides a unique opportunity for operational monitoring of the water availability from space at unprecedented spatial and temporal resolutions. The proposed project stands for innovative integration of the freely available global Sentinel-1 satellite data and local knowledge on soil physical processes for optimizing water management of regional water systems by providing spatial information on the surface soil moisture and value-added products like crop water availability and field trafficability.

The proposed research accommodates three PhD-projects. While the first two projects are looking at the exploitation of the freely-available Sentinel-1 imagery and the translation of surface soil moisture data to the value-added products, this project will focus on the optimization of operational and strategic water management using the spatiotemporal information.