Short-term biophysical interactions in coastal mangroves


E.M. Horstman

C.M. Dohmen-Janssen

S.J.M.H. Hulscher

T.J. Bouma (NIOO)

P.M.J. Herman (NIOO/Radboud University Nijmegen)

E.L. Webb (University of Singapore)

D.A. Friess (University of Singapore)

D. Galli (University of Singapore)

T. Balke (Deltares)




University of Twente

Singapore Delft Water Alliance (Deltares, National University of Singapore, Public Utilities Board Singapore)



Singapore Delft Water Alliance




Hydrodynamic and morphodynamic impacts of vegetation in the intertidal zone are highly important to coastal protection. However, morphodynamic studies often focus on long-term field measurements whereas most studies on hydrodynamic impacts of vegetation are carried out in flumes. This results in a lack of field data for validating models that describe short-term hydrodynamic impacts of vegetation. This research will focus on the short-term biophysical interactions in mangroves and starts with a field campaign in the Matang mangroves, Malaysia. Field data gathered in this campaign will subsequently be applied as input for flume experiments with increased hydrodynamic forcing and for the development of a numerical model on short-term biophysical interactions in coastal mangroves.