Responses of hydrological processes to varying rainfall characteristics and rainfall patterns under climate change

PhD research


Persons involved:
Chao Gao, MSc. (Visiting PhD candidate)
Dr. ir. Martijn J. Booij (Daily supervisor)
Funding China Scholarship Council (CSC)

Summary of the research Under climate change, the characteristics of extreme rainfall events, like frequency, intensity and extreme volume would change and induce more floods or droughts in the future, which has always been a significant societal issue. Many researchers focus on investigating the non-stationarity of rainfall characteristics to assess the variation of IDF(Intensity-Duration-Frequency). However, they generally neglected the correlation of rainfall characteristics and the impacts of rainfall temporal patterns (i.e., the temporal varying process of rainfall intensity within one extreme rainfall event) on design floods, which may lead to underestimate or overestimate future extreme events to some degree. Therefore, in this research we would in detail study how rainfall characteristics and rainfall temporal patterns will change under climate change, and take their correlated relationship into consideration to further study how they will affect the hydrological processes. Through this research, some useful insights can be given to help make effective strategies to deal with floods or droughts.

Rainfall characteristics; rainfall temporal patterns; Climate change; GCMs/RCMs; flood