Water Footprint Reduction and Associated Cost in Irrigated Crop Production


Persons involved:
Abebe D. Chukalla (PhD student)
Prof. Dr. ir. Arjen Y. Hoekstra (promoter)
Dr. Maarten S. Krol (Daily supervisor)


In integrated and sustainable water resources management reducing the water footprint of irrigation, the largest water user and a significant contributor to the water footprint of many consumer products, is indispensable.

The objective of the research is to explore the scope for reducing the green, blue and grey water footprints of irrigated crop production by a systematic model based assessment of measures, strategies and their cost effectiveness at field and river basin scale for European conditions.

The study feeds into the European Commission-funded project FIGARO, as part of the Seventh Framework Program that aims to facilitate significant reductions in freshwater, fertilizer and energy use at farm level and develop a management platform for cost-effective precision irrigation and fertigation.