Congruent scales in economics, coastal engineering and coastal morphology

Title: Decadal-scale variability of human-altered foredunes

Type: PhD-research

Persons involved:

Lisette M. van der Burgh (PhD student)

Prof. Dr Suzanne J.M.H. Hulscher (promoter)

Dr. Kathelijne M. Wijnberg

Funding: ALW-NWO

Duration: 1 January 2005 – 1 September 2010

Short description:

Coastal dunes located in densely populated areas provide various services to man, such as protection against flooding during storm

surges, drinking water supply and recreation. Since coastal dunes are dynamic features, the level of protection they provide varies in time.

Therefore, management interventions are often undertaken to stabilize the dunes to reduce the natural variability.

This project aims to provide quantitative insight into the morphologic variability of managed foredunes over time spans of decades.

Results show that managed foredunes may still exhibit considerable morphologic variability that should not be ignored in long-term dune safety assessment studies and sustainable coastal zone management practices.