Coastal hazard and risk assessments at European scale

PhD research


Persons involved:
Panagiotis Athanasiou, MSc. (PhD-canditate)
Prof. dr. Jaap C.J. Kwadijk (Promoter)
Dr. Ap R. van Dongeren (Deltares, daily supervisor)
Dr. Alessio Giardino (Deltares, daily supervisor)

Horizon 2020

Summary of the research
Large scale coastal risk assessment frameworks offer an efficient way to identify hotspots along the coastline at a large scale and guide policy makers and coastal managers in decision making and adaptation planning. A lot of uncertainties in the results of these frameworks derive from methodological choices concerning processes involved and models or data used during the hazard estimation. This PhD project focusses on understanding the uncertainties introduced from these choices with respect to coastal erosion and flooding risks.

The overarching European Climate Prediction system (EUCP) project is developing a regional climate prediction and projection system based on high-resolution climate models for Europe, to support climate adaptation and mitigation decisions for the coming decades.

As part of this PhD project climate models output with different resolution are used to drive ocean models and compare their results with respect to offshore water levels and wave conditions. Furthermore, sandy erodible beaches are identified at a European scale and episodic erosion potential is estimated using process based modelling (XBeach). A framework is developed for assessing coastal flood risks, while taking morphodynamics into account and using inundation and impact models. 

Coastal risks, Coastal Hazards, Erosion, Flooding, Large Scale Risk Assessment

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