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Towards a system optimal network state using personalized travel information




Towards a system optimal network state using personalized travel information


Start 2015


prof. dr. ir. Eric van Berkum Caspar Chorus (TUD-TBM)

Daily Supervisor

dr. Tom Thomas

PhD student

ir. Mariska van Essen


This project examines the potential to use current state-of-the-art, personalized travel information to direct network states towards a system optimum instead of user equilibrium. A user equilibrium concerns the interest of the individual in minimizing generalized travel cost, while a system optimum involves the collective interest which is generally more efficient. First, data obtained by two extensive real-world experiments, one with and one without travel information will be analysed. Based on this, route choice models are developed in order to gain insights in the role information plays in the decision making process. Subsequently, an experiment will be set-up, conducted and analysed in which individuals receive tailor-made information messages through their smartphones. This provides insights on human response towards different information strategies. Lastly, the findings will be translated to the network-level by simulation in order to see to what extent information strategies actually direct network states towards a system optimum.


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