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Smart Industry lab

The Smart Industry lab supports a wide variety of research and development on the main topics discussed in the area’s of Smart Industry and Industry 4.0. One of the key technologies for this is the development of ‘digital twins’ (or ‘digital shadows’). By testing ideas or findings in connected real and virtual environments, researchers can employ the lab to gain results without the need to prematurely invest in real test environments. By virtually representing a product or environment in (close to) real size, initial tests can be done without the need to actually build physical prototypes. changes in e.g. configuration, assembly or functionality can be realised real-time, and their effects can be discussed immediately. These activities are also closely related to IoT (internet-of-things), collaborative robots, information driven design support and ‘war rooms’ (control cockpits). The areas of application are not determined on beforehand since they can range from initial design phases, up to production, maintenance and disposal. All phases are in the scope of the Smart Industry lab.