Multiscale Mechanics (MSM) research group

The Multiscale Mechanics Group (MSM) of the University of Twente studies several topics of condensed matter physics, such as granular materials and powders, micro-fluidic systems and self-healing materials. In general, our research approach consists in developing models of complex materials that capture the physics at every relevant lengthscale.

about us

The MSM group was founded by Prof. Stefan Luding in 2007 to meet the increasing demands for multi-scale mechanical evolution. We are an interdisciplinary group of researchers interested in multiscale analysis of multi phase particulate processes and systems. Our research group studies systems in which physical and mechanical processes with distinct characteristic scales (large versus small, slow versus fast, localized versus collective) are equally important – and interacting. To overcome this multi-scale challenge, the group develops and applies high-performance computing, advanced algorithms, statistical, continuum and micro-macro theories, as well as experiments. Most applications involve combining numerical methods and theories from fluid and solid mechanics. Examples include particles suspended in (non-) Newtonian fluids, molecular flow through nano-porous media, micro-structured modern materials, and granular systems displaying both solid-like and fluid-like behaviour depending on the prevailing conditions. Industrially relevant multi-scale systems are too big to be simulated with a single monolithic method, and hence it is essential that multi-scale methods are being developed by a research group that brings together a combination of disciplines and expertise. In recent years, MSM has accumulated the specialized but interdisciplinary knowledge on multiscale analysis and modelling.   

The mission of the Multi Scale Mechanics (MSM) group is to establish itself as the ’source of knowledge’ in the fields of fluids and solids, particles and their contacts, granular materials and powders, self-assembling and self-healing materials, micro- and nano-fluidics and biological systems.



The MSM research group is chaired by prof. dr. S. Luding. For an overview of the complete scientific staff, post docs, PhD, EngD students and supporting staff click on the link below. 


The research group Multi-Scale Mechanics (MSM) is located in the Horst building on the University of Twente. More information about the facilities can be found in the menu to the left.