Clusters and software

computational clusters

cluster of the thermal engineering group

The cluster consists of 18 nodes. 10 nodes consist of two quad core CPU's (Xeon E5620 @2.4 GHz) and 24 GB memory. The other 8 nodes consist of two eight core CPU's (Xeon E5-2670 @2.6 GHz) and 64 GB memory. For more information contact #####

cluster of the engineering fluid dynamics group

The computers used by the Engineering Fluid Dynamics group comprises a Linux cluster and a Linux High Performance Sytstem. The cluster consists of 20 nodes 20 nodes with in total 192 cores (Xeon CPU's) running Gentoo. The Liniux High Performance System is Bull NovaScale 5160 with 32 cores (Dual Core Itanium 2 CPU's) running Gentoo Linux. For more information contact #####


software of the engineering fluid dynamics group

Own developed:


software of the multiscale mechanics group:

The MSM group is involved in the development of two open-source software packages. hpGEM is a discontinuous Galerkin Finite Element solver, designed for solving continuum equations. MercuryDPM is a discrete particle solver. Both of these packages contain many state-of-the-art features (that are detailed on the respective website, found below). One of our areas of investigation is the coupling of these package in various different ways.