Master Assignment

Thermal modeling and efficiency analysis of an innovative heat engine
Seasonal Energy Storage for High-Temperature Power Applications
Economic analysis of the underground hydrogen storage system
CFD modeling of the rapid charging of a Phase Change Material
CFD modeling of a direct solar absorption
Magneto-caloric refrigeration - magnetic pumping for a system with no moving parts
Recycling of Tires: Reactor Development
Innovative Outdoor Ice Skating Rink
Design of efficient nano-thermal rectifier using MD simulations
Numerical study of heat transfer in packed particulate beds using coupled CFD-DEM approach
Heat-Acoustic Black Hole for Energy Recovery in Aircrafts
Nanoscale Visualization of Electronic Transport in Transparent Conducting Oxides for Solar Cells
Performance and Cost Analysis of Pumped Thermochemical Electricity Storage System
MSc thesis at company - Plant Meat Makers
Investigation of stickiness behavior in high temperature counter flow spray drying of milk
Developing a flexible and corrosion resistant compact heat exchanger for thermochemical energy storage systems
Designing a novel reactor for heat storage applications
Nanoscale visualization of electronic transport in transparent conducting oxides for solar cells
CFD simulation of electrostatically charged spray in a chilling warehouse
Recycling of tires
Design of a siren to excite air flow in a combustor
The effect of nozzle diameter, injection pressure and temperature on spray characteristics of kerosene
Pyrolysis oil atomization for combustion in a gas turbine
Milk atomization and drying
Dynamic modelling of a reversible solid oxide cell system for grid stabilisation applications
Photothermal water vaporization towards clean water and energy production
Volumetric solar heating of nanofluids for direct absorption solar collectors (DASC)
Experimentele opstelling stromingsleer & warmteoverdracht ( in company : Demcon)
Fast pyrolysis of biomass for production of high quality bio-fuels

Note: Some of the above master assignments could be modified to be bachelor assignemnts only for Advanced Technology students. You can contact Prof. Dr. Ir. Gerrit Brem ( for such requests. 

Bachelor Assignment