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Dr. Yashar Hajimolana is part of recently awarded MOOI-SIGOHE proposal

With the project EIGEN: "Energy Hubs for Integration of Large-scale renewable Energy" Thermal and Fluid Engineering Department and the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science from University of Twente are jointly part of the 5 awarded MOOI-SIGOHE1 project proposals which has received support in the form of a multi-million-Euro. Yashar Hajimolana, PhD, assistant professor in the Energy Technology is the responsible person of the University of Twente for the EIGEN project.  


Within EIGEN project, Dr. Yashar Hajimolana, Prof. Johann Hurink, Dr. Gerwin Hogsteen, Prof. Gerrit Brem and Dr. Canan Acar from University of Twente are jointly working with 12 partners 2 on a blueprint for business parks to integrate the large-scale generation of sustainable energy into the electricity grid. The project focuses on the potential of energy hubs that make it possible to make smart use of solar and wind energy in existing and new electricity grids. Energy hubs unlock the potential of various forms of sustainable energy and link producers directly to customers. A smart decentralized energy infrastructure brings producers of solar and wind energy, hydrogen and heat together, creating a reliable supply.

To reduce the CO₂ emissions in the Netherlands, we have to use more renewable energy sources such as wind and sun. This requires an enormous expansion of our energy network. However, expanding alone is not enough, and we need to use our energy systems in a smarter way. With EIGEN project we are working on smart solutions for business parks. We are going to look at sustainable applications of energy hubs, making them attractive for companies to participate. Not because it is the only solution, but because it is the most sustainable and financially attractive solution for them. The application of energy hubs ensures that we can organize our energy system fairly and efficiently.

The project goal is to develop and validate a blueprint (systematically elaborated step-by-step plan with complementary tools) for the development and realization of energy hubs. To be able to realize large-scale green energy on business parks and to use it locally as much as possible. Such a blueprint is necessary, as the congestion and grid reinforcement problems caused by large-scale generation are becoming increasingly larger and more urgent. 


1The MOOI-SIGOHE is part of the Top Sector Energy Schemes. The scheme is implemented by RVO on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate.


2The 12 partners that University of Twente collaborates within project EIGEN are: Alliander, Sunrock Development BV, Ventolines BV, Recoy BV, SemperPower BV, PARKnCHARGE Opco BV, Stichting ElaadNL, Over Morgen BV, Connectr – Energy innovation, TNO, Saxion Foundation and Shared Energy Platform Holding BV And thanks to EGEN, who successfully helped us with the subsidy application.