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Special Issue "Energy Storage Integrated Process Systems"

Dear Colleagues,

In terms of research, the topic of energy storage-integrated energy systems is one of the most prevalent in the world of energy systems integration. One of the main reasons for this is its relevance for present-day society, which is increasingly concerned with grid balancing and greener energy production. This scenario constitutes a powerful catalyst for research, not only boosting the volume of interesting ideas, solutions, and studies, but also the number of topics that emerge under the umbrella of energy storage-integrated energy systems. This can be seen in the fact that well-established research topics, as varied as energy storage technologies and energy management, coexist—or even merge—with more recent topics, such as smart energy grid, grid management, energy system integration, storage and transportation of hydrogen, power-to-x.

In all of the aforementioned topics, in addition to others, energy storage-integrated energy systems play a key role. In this Special Issue, representative papers that focus on well-established topics, as well as more recent ones, are sought. This mixture will unquestionably foster new ideas for readers and will help researchers detect solutions that can be migrated from one topic to another, making this Special Issue a relevant milestone for any energy systems engineer.

Dr. Yashar S. Hajimolana
Guest Editor