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Prof. Gerrit Brem and Dr. Yashar Hajimolana have been awarded European Regional Development Fund for “Smart Energy Grid for Nijmegen Region”.

The aim of the project is to develop innovative strategies by developing powerful models and simulations to combine energy carriers such as electricity, heat, gas and fuels for heating and cooling of the built environment and industry, power and water consumption and transportation for the Nijmegen region. The model and innovative strategies include a comprehensive range of energy technologies and use large energy data sets in building and industry future scenarios to provide objective information for decision makers, in order to effectively design markets and regulations to support energy systems integration. The project is executed in close cooperation with a waste management company, SME, local government and startups as stakeholders of the future smart energy network. The pilot project will be implemented in the Nijmegen region for demonstration. In this project a proof of concept will be developed and validated which can then be further developed by participating SME companies to make a commercial software package.