Welcome to our homepage! Since 2007 we have supervised more than 20 projects/master students in the field of granular materials and powders. These topics are partly belonging to our ongoing projects. Most of our research projects have a strong connection to the Dutch as well as international industry. 
Lists of projects currently offered at MSM can be found below:

Master assingments:

Virtual prototyping of particulate processes
3D Printing by Selective laser Sintering
Noise absorption in Asphalt mixtures
Designing granular metamaterials
Effect of drum shape on segregation
How large is an elastic regime in granular material packings?
MSc Internship: Flow pattern Simulation/Modeling in square silos
Investigation of the jamming point using 3D stress birefringent techniques
Modeling of Asphalt dike revetments under wave loading (Experimental tests and DEM modeling)
Modeling the granular flow in a rotating drum by the Eulerian finite element method
Blow the snow
Cohesive powder (Regolith) properties by DEM simulations
Hydrodynamic theory of wet particle systems
Multi-scale modeling of particle motion in fluid
Micro-Macro models for rotations in granular media and powders
Simulation of Particle-laden tyre rubber
Ultrasound interaction with bone: simulations and experiment
Simulating a cylinder in a granular fluid
Wave propagation in Clays: Physical experiments and particle simulations
Wave propagation in soil-water mixtures at high pressure
Modeling asphalt with discrete particles and continuum methods
The soft floor of Netherlands: How to build dikes on peat land
Liquid transport in granular under dynamic conditions
Investigating maintenance-free solutions through soft meta-materials; based on biommicry and antifragility paradigms
When macro mimics micro: Investigating liquid-crystal-like phenomena in Macroscopic systems
Modeling of asphaltic dike revetments under wave loading (Experimental test and FEM modeling)
Finite element modeling of glass-rubber mixtures
Segregation in cohesive multi-component dry granular system
Mixing soils to shield earthquakes
Imagine the interstitial liquid in wet granular media
Mechanical response of wet granular material
Molecular dynamics simulations of nanoparticles stabilization
Powder consolidation mechanism and micro-mechanical properties in selective laser sintering (SLS)
Boskalis: deformation of underwater gravel bed under GBS and Caisson placement
Collecting silica microparticles using a vacuum-driven set-up
Propeller-shapped structures in Saturn's rings
MSc project Aeolian Sediment Transport From the beach to the Dunes.
Investigating numerical parameter uncertainty in discrete particle simulations
Internship TATA Steel

Bachelor assingments: