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Vibrofluidised Granular Materials

PROJECT discription

Agitated granular systems present behaviours which are excellent examples of non-equilibrium steady states. Their study can lead to a better general understanding of non-linear dynamics of many particle systems.

Initially, we have focused on the vertically agitated narrow bed geometry, a setup that presents many interesting states and complex transitions between them. Our approach consists in the elaboration of continuum theories that capture the observed behaviours, particle simulations and positron emission particle tracking experiments (PEPT).

Fig. Event driven particle simulation of vibrofluidised granular materials in a narrow (quasi-one-dimensional) column geometry. In this highly constrained geometry the centre of mass of the column is found to oscillate with a frequency.

However, the powerful combination of PEPT and particles simulations has been applied more generally. Including investigating the role of buoyancy-driven convection in the segregative behaviour of a three-dimensional, binary vibrofluidised granular systems; and, the effects of system packing, density and inelasticity on convection.


people involved

Dr. N. Rivas (Nicolás)

Prof.Dr. A.R. Thornton (Anthony)

Prof.Dr. S.A. Luding (Stefan)

Dr. K. Windows-Yule (Kit)

Dr. S. Rhebergen (Sander)